Opening Principles

1.Opening fighting directed to the capture of the center. Pieces control and attack the maximum number of squares from the center. One of the advantages in center possession is in ability to transport the game to the flanks more easily.

2.Development is to be understood as the strategic advance of the troops toward the frontier line (the line between the fourth and fifth ranks). Develop all your pieces rapidly and castle quickly, preferably on the kingside. You can’t attack if your pieces are not out and it is much harder for your opponent to attack you successfully if your king is safely out of the center. There is no time for pawn hunting in the opening, except for centre pawns.

3.To be ahead in development is the ideal to be aimed for. Don’t move the same piece twice in the opening. Develop another piece. A pawn move must not in itself be regarded as a developing move, but merely as an aid to development.

4.Develop harmoniously! Play with all your pieces. Remember that the poor placement of even a single piece may destroy the coordination of the other pieces.

5.Don’t develop your Queen too early, it’s could be an option only when you could achieve a good target.

6.Maintain the balance in the center. This can mean controlling the center with pawns and pieces in the classical style, or by attacking the center with pieces from long distance, called the hypermodern method. The pawn centre must be mobile.

7. Capablanca principle: “Develop knights before bishops” – Knights have relatively obvious squares for their first moves, but a bishop’s best square depends very much on what your opponent does.)


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