Efficient Studying

Each coach works according to his own understanding of the training process, with due consideration (let us hope) of the student’s personality. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to the fact that everything laid out below is my subjective opinion.

The first manual on chess basics is of importance. Even now, the best manuals are still the books written by the leading figures of the past – Lasker, Capablanca, Nimzovich and Reti.

These books cover aspects of chess strategy as well as openings and endings. I recommend even the grandmasters to revert to them at certain stages in their chess development.

The next stage is a familiarization with the creative wealth of great masters of the past. The main strategic goal of this stage is to study, hopefully in a short time, what chessplayers have achieved until now.

A study of the classic heritage of chess develops the player’s erudition, assisting the memorization of “typical” middlegame and endgame positions and the selecting of a stock of openings suitable to one’s playing style.

 It is hard to overestimate the assistance of the experienced coach at this stage to provide guidance to the student to find his way in the ocean of chess books and treatises.

Contributed by : A.Vaysman  Honored coach of Ukraine


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