No Short Cuts

Usually chessplayers want to get good results immediately (which frequently coincides with Chidden’s desires of their parents and coaches), cutting short the learning process of the chess basics and proceeding to a study of opening theory.

To my mind, it is a mistake of principle. The most significant study principle is violated: proceed from the simple to the complicated. One does not start building a house from the “roof”  it is the foundation that is laid first. Any battles, including chess battles, are won not by the army that can array itself before a battle according to the earlier developed plan, but by the army that proves its skill and professional worth in battle.

Trying to hold in mind as many fragments of openings played by contemporary grandmasters as possible, a player has no time for their creative and critical processing, for working out their own opinions and developing original ideas. Moreover, all that is being forgotten or becomes obsolete with the passage of time.

Contributed by : A.Vaysman  Honored coach of Ukraine


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