Developing Ambition And Objectivity.

Chess has also helped me to understand that without an objective evaluation of a position, it is impossible to achieve good results not only in chess but in your life as well. Undoubtedly chess has a very important pedagogic value. It develops memory, logic and fantasy. It improves our reactions, attention and capacity for work in our lives. It also helps us develop a deep respect for our opponents. – Boris Alterman

It is impossible to expect great success in chess without ambition. It is ambition that, more often than not, is the main drive urging a junior sportsman on to work at chess. It is equally important that such ambition does not become excessive and turn into vanity or self-admiration.

A very talented boy was achieving excellent results. At 13 he became under-16 champion, and at 14 he won a silver medal in the under-18 championship. Still, the quality of his play caused me to criticize him. Regretfully the talented young man used to answer most of my remarks with: “Still. I won!”

 I had to explain patiently that he would not be able to claim great triumphs in the future. The crisis came after the following argument. “If a thousand men play badly, then somebody will still be first, and somebody else will be last. However, it does not mean that the winner will be playing any better. That is how you are winning!”.

The boy fell to thinking, and soon he became noticeably more objective in assessing his victories. More serious results were achieved. The skill of objectivity helps to avoid many hurtful defeats, caused by an overestimation of the position. It will be of use in real life as well.

Contributed by : A.Vaysman  Honored coach of Ukraine


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