Your Tournament Activity

Only a player and his coach know how many hours they spend training. To preclude exhaustion of the young chessplayer’s nervous system, it is essential to plan carefully all the time spent by the chess player. An approximate guide is shown below.

Pure “chess preparation” can be divided into three parts:

1. Preparation for the competition;
2. Play during the tournament;
3. Analysis of performance;

It is required to distinguish the current general preparation, which takes about a half of all time spent on chess, and is conducted every day, with preparation for a specific competition. If the remaining time is divided equally into the above three remaining parts, our annual balance for playing tournaments is about 55- 60 days. So we have reached the figure of 55-60 games per year that Botvinnik advised for competitive play. For a long time the planned workload of world champion Garry Kasparov was 55 games per year.

Despite the immeasurable acceleration of modern life and the advent of significant aids for playing chess  computers and advances in medical science that lead to the improvement of the human physical condition – the number of days in a year has not changed! Considering current realities, the number of games for a young chess player should not exceed 70-80 games annually.

It will let them preserve a healthy nervous system for many years.


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