Boris Alterman’s Gambit Guide


1. You know how to move the pieces… you know how to mate the lone King…. And you’d like to become much better player …

 What should be your next step?

 1. Your openings are quite far from being perfect. 2. You probably notice in your own games that tactical situations provide the majority of decisive moments, but you still blunder a lot.

How to combine these different themes? We will do it quite differently from the usual methods such as solving chess puzzles and tactical positions. I assume to improve your tactical skills by the studying the Chess Gambit openings!

Boris Alterman’s Gambit Guide on ICC investigates gambits old and new and show that, while some may not be actively played on the grandmaster circuit these days, they are all exciting to play and at the same time instructive as they teach us all about natural development of the pieces and tactics in chess.

NEW!!! All lectures archive : 







11 Responses

  1. Mr Alterman:
    Would you consider a lecture of the Englund gambit>
    thks you

  2. Русские говорят свисни в хуй!!!!!

  3. sorry, не туда вписал комент, а удалить нельзя.((((Ну, что взять с русских подростков(((

  4. sorry, не туда вписал комент, а удалить нельзя.((((Ну, что взять с пьяных русских подростков(((

  5. Mr. Alterman,
    Great lecture series on ICC. One underrated gambit line is (various forms of) the Wing gambit against the Sicilian and French. It generally is as much of a shock to black in the Sicilian as the Latvian is to white!

  6. hi, im a mechanical engineering student from iran , i need a user guide for gambit2.316. i am requested that you send me please.

  7. Is it possible to download Boris Alterman’s gambit lectures to one’s hard drive, even if one has to purchase them?

  8. Grand master Alterman, will you please consider doing a giude to the Geller Gambit?
    Thanks. I love your videos!

  9. Will you please consider a guide to the Geller Gambit?
    Thanks, I love your videos!

  10. Hello, is it possible to see a lecture about the Diemer (?) gambit in Nimzowitch: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e4 N:e4,

  11. I like the White Gambit Guide very much. Looking forward to the Black Gambit Guide book.

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