The Greatest World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik considered the success in chess as a combination of 4 factors.
* Special Chess Talent
* Good Physical conditions (Health).
* Strong Character
* High working skills

To achieve success in modern chess requires being a universal style chessplayer, playing all stages of a game confidently, and mastering typical positions in various openings.


Such a training program takes several years of strenuous work under the guidance of a qualified and thoughtful coach. For instance, in order to play the ending confidently, it is necessary for a junior player to remember the right way to play thousand typical endgame positions, requiring something like two years of the most arduous study. 

First of all, a chessplayer must be able to work hard consistently. How many sparkling talents never made it to the top because of the absence of this skill?  

I always remind my pupils: Talent has one advantage  the right to work more than the others. A simple reasoning convinces you: Suppose a talented boy needs just ten minutes to master some chess material. A less talented player needs 20 minutes. If the talent will not spend these ten minutes and the other one will spend his 20 minutes, then who will be at an advantage?!

Only those children who are fanatically devoted to chess canbe expected to spend long hours at the chess board at home, reading chess books every day, and solving an enormous number of various tactic or dull endgame positions.  

Garry Kasparov once wrote: I perceived all too early that you have to pay for everything in your life. A talented child has just a single thing to pay  thats his childhood.  

Nobody has ever found any other formula for that of success: TALENT + HARD WORK!


Contributed by : A.Vaysman  Honored coach of Ukraine




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  1. I have many talent, but I cannot work. Can I be grandmaster?

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