Morra Gambit – Part 2

Sample game #2  

1.e4 c5 2.d4 cd 3.c3 dc 4. Nc3 d6 5.Bc4

No doubt then that


 is much better continuance then 5.. Nf6.

6. Nf3

 White completes his development and prepares  short castling.
At this moment black doesn’t wish to lock the bishop c8 – so what’s wrong with the attempt of pinning white’s knight after

6… Bg4?

Therefore 6… Bg4 could be punished immediately. Please pay attention to the reasons:
The well-known nuance – weakness of the f7 square and the suddenly unprotected bishop on g4 are the motifs of white’s success.

The combination starts with the nice smash

7. Bf7+!

 White gains a pawn back and also the black King is no longer in safe place after

7… Kf7 8. Ng5+! Ke8 9.Qg4

 and white has the obvious advantage when the material is even.







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