Danish Gambit game

Hello Boris,

Thanks for your series. It has helped my game very much. Years ago my friend, NM John Lenchner suggested that I study gambits to learn tactics. I studied the King’s Gambit and won many games (see my web page). But it seems the King’s Gambit has been undone by the Falkbeer Countergambit– Fischer’s Defense is only OK, I think).

In any case, I’m an old horse at 44 but still love the game. The gambit series has certainly helped my game. It is fun to play tactically and smartly, regardless of the opening.

In response to your request for example games, here is one from ICC “five-minute” blitz against an old rival “Bliv”. It is a Danish Gambit. And it worked out very well for white. The most difficult move for me to find was 10 Nc3. Otherwise, I simply centralized on the open lines, and black was pretty much forced to resign in less than twenty moves. What more could a chess player ask for?

Here it is: 

Busterfriendly (1900) vs. Bliv (1797) October 15, 2008, ICC Five-Minute

1. e4 e5 2. d4 ed 3. c3 dc 4. Bc4 cb 5.Bb2

5…Nf6 6. e5

I’m not sure this is book, but who cares? I thought: Open lines. Have fun.

6… d5? 7.  ef dc 8. Qd8+ Kd8 9. fg Bb4 + 10. Nc3

In the past, blocking the bishop might have stopped me from making this move; but I learned this OK from your series. The latent potential of the knight cannot be underestimated.

10…Rg8 11. 0-0-0+ (ouch) Ke8 12. Nf3 Bc3 13. Bc3 Be6 14. Rhe1

Centralization; open lines. woohoo! The beauty…

14… c5 15. Ng5 Ke7 16. Nh7  Resigns.

Many thanks.

Nickola Pazderic

3 Responses

  1. Interesting game, I like that you were able to take the queens off and still keep up so much pressure. I was wondering about 12. Nf3 though.

    I like the look of 12. Nd5 it kinda lept off the board!

    (en pris bishop and threating 2 forks on C7 and F6)

    Once again, great game


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